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Welcome to blipstudio, home of Breah Parker... graphic facilitator, motivational thought leader, workshop facilitator, TEDx speaker, author and illustrator.  First, let's introduce you to Breah and then we'll talk to you about how she can support you individually and within your organization.

about breah livolsi parker

Breah’s passion is inspiring people to be their most vulnerable, courageous, and authentic self, and to offer an opportunity to understand and accept themselves for who they are and who they dream of being.


Breah is inspired by playing a role in invigorating and breathing new life into the heart and soul of individuals and organizations alike. It is her passion to inspire people to be all they can be. Whether illustrating and capturing the conversation or leading it, Breah is fully present, supporting you to be fully present in each moment of your life . Her own life's mantra is "Be who you are...it is so much more than enough!", expressed in her 2010 TEDx Asheville talk...

Breah at TEDx Asheville 2010

Breah shares her big idea In her 2010 TEDxAsheville talk, suggesting that many times, we tuck away or give up on our dreams, lose sight of our unique gifts, and ultimately forget who we are. She encourages you to know that we are all good enough to fulfill our heart's and soul's desire to make the difference we wish to make in the world. She reminds us that we are the ones we've been waiting for...

Empowering Individuals &Teams


The first step toward a sustainable culture change is to fully embody who we are as individuals.  Whether we are talking about a personal, corporate or organizational culture change, discovering what is so absolutely right with each of us creates a foundation that is unmoved by the constantly shifting winds of change that often make us feel unsteady and unsure of our place. Without this foundation, we lose the truth of who we are and spend our time and energy looking for what we’re doing wrong, and perhaps even believe that we are wrong.


Each workshop is tailored to your specific needs, intentions, and goals, and is built around Breah's proprietary self-inquiry workshops, sessions and audio book "What's Right With Me?"


Read more about workshops and sessions by clicking here.



Drawing the Words Right Out of Your Mouth!

"Not only does she deliver a great record of the meeting as a product, her skills and presence change, positively, the dynamic of the meeting."  –SM, City of Asheville


As a graphic facilitator, deep listening, synthesizing, and illustration skills are the key components of what Breah brings to your meeting, along with her creativity and multiple technicolor markers. During the meeting, participants are attentive and engaged as the words and images emerge on the board. After the meeting, participants have a visual reminder of and connection to their experience, or a visual journey map depicting and inspiring their next steps.

Visual Tools & Graphic Facilitation

Breah's years of directing creative teams give her an "inside the walls" understanding of goal setting and achievement, change sustainability and management. In a telephone meeting before your event, Breah will listen carefully to your needs and goals and offer suggestion to best utilize her graphic facilitation work at your meeting. Following your event, the images created are yours, as well as the digital files of the images for distribution to participants.


Breah supports you and your organization, adding dimension and creating an emotional connection for any situation where clarity of communication is the intent.


Other services available and created in preparation for a meeting:


• Journey Maps for Client Presentation

• Overview illustration

• Meeting Graphics

• Celebration Illustration for birthdays, retirement, appreciation





Here are examples of images created for individuals and organizations, live-time and story maps.

some of the organizations supported

graphic facilitation

Graphic facilitation enhances and invigorates discussions, conferences, meetings, keynote talks, brainstorming ... a brilliant collaboration tool to use any time you want to increase participant engagement and awareness.


Thanks for making the time to come to our insights day and making it super exciting with your phenomenal real time illustration of the insights that were being shared. I am very impressed with how accurately you were able to capture the essence of the day. Your work is being displayed in our hallways and generating quite a bit of interest.

 You were the star of the day and have certainly left a lasting impression on most who attended. –

Farhan Siddiqi, SVP Bank of America


"Not only does she deliver a great record of the meeting as a product, her skills and activity change –positively- the dynamic of the meeting."

Stephanie Monson, City of AVL




Want to really awaken your organization? Get them to unplug? Access greater emotional intelligence? We help change old, unproductive beliefs and bring new ideas to light. Our custom workshops, story maps and facilitated sessions lead to enhanced self-awareness, greater leadership effectiveness, and more informed decision-making capabilities.


"...the team saw for the first time how important the events and experiences of their life shaped their decisions and the positions they hold in their careers.  Several had "aha" moments about things they thought were weaknesses..."

Wendy Banks, CEO CMT

speaking of...

Breah's passion is to inspire people to be their best self. Since her TEDx talk in 2010, Breah has been leading individual "What's Right With Me?" sessions and workshops as well as speaking to groups, reminding us of our gifts and talents, showing us how the whole world benefits when we fully show up in it, helping us shift our self-focus and understanding of each other, giving us more reasons to be grateful for all we have and providing us with the inspiration to take our next steps.


"If you want to shift your thought processes from negative to positive,  ‘What's Right With Me’ will blow you away! Since taking this amazing workshop, I have experienced more growth in one month than I have in the entire past year!! Breah...You are truly a GIFT!" –

Susan K. Brigham, Film Producer & Director




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